Software architecture might not be for everyone but every developer should have basic knowledge about it.

Well, as a software developer, I didn’t really consider the architecture of the system I was working on for a long time. Even though I was able to build my side of functionality or successfully finish my tasks, I often had the feeling of missing the whole picture. It almost felt like I was looking at my system through the fog. I was able to see only the closest components. This feeling of uncertainty made me dig deeper, try to explain and analyze all…

There is this silently accepted idea that back-end and front-end are two separate facets of software development, often referred to as server-side and client-side. While this split leads us to create more specialized teams with a focus on specific areas it often comforts us into avoiding things we don’t really want to do, but that is not really the problem. The real struggle appears when we try to integrate the two in a quality-oriented product. Most of the time this is a downside strongly felt in the client as they do the last part, the actual integration.

For a long…

…And some thoughts on the return of investment.

Here to discover the secret about how to get away with the fear of public speaking? Well, sorry to break it for you but there is no secret. It's simply about being aware of the fact that having a presentation in front of an audience is not about you. Quit searching for the miraculous 10 steps to how to become a better speaker and start working on your content. Now that we canceled the fantasy let’s get to some more serious matters.

People talk a lot about being scared of speaking in front of an audience, and this is real…

Forget about the BEST, go for what you NEED

At the end of February, I had a workshop about APIs for dotnetdays conference. This was not my first time speaking at this conference and because I had a very good time at last year’s edition, I happily prepared a half-day workshop for the community this year also.

The subject discussed was related to APIs, to be more precise, the never-ending “battle” between REST and GraphQL, how and if they can be compared, if and how is one better than the other and how and when we can transition from REST to GraphQL.

Of course, the discussion can go for…

Over the course of the years, I’ve been a big promoter of the Clean Code “philosophy” as a result of its amazing influence on my daily work. As I still believe in this philosophy and promote its benefits, I came to realize that, as everything we interact with, it can also have a dark side if used mechanically or without considering the bigger context. What I want to highlight in this article is not a set of practices but more of an approach for the way we craft our code.

The helpful servant

When I first saw this picture I…

Mihaela-Roxana Ghidersa

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